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Chris Ruper, an ICBCH Certified Professional Hypnotist
Online hypnosis sessions to help you create lasting change, destress, quit smoking, or overcome fear of flying.

 Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Overcome cravings and withdrawal symptoms
Break the cycle of addiction
Develop healthier habits
Improve your health and well-being

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

Reduce anxiety and panic attacks

Build confidence and self-assuredness

Develop positive associations with flying

Enjoy travel without fear or apprehension

Additional Services

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Weight Loss

Phobia Elimination

Fear of Flying

Confidence Building

Performance Enhancement

About Chris Ruper

Chris believes in doing hypnosis with clients, not to them. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon experienced every day, and Chris helps clients harness this power to make positive changes. He does not require a particular level of trance, as he believes clients determine their level and receive what is important to them. Chris views hypnosis as a way to bring someone to a resource state where they can learn skills, use strengths, utilize resources, take control of mind/body, and find solutions. Chris has received training and certification through ICBCH.

Structure & Pricing

Online Hypnosis

Typically, 2-3 sessions are required, depending on client issues, the amount of issues, and type of issues.

FREE Consultation: 20 minutes over the phone to schedule the first session, answer questions, and go over paperwork.

Typical Session Structure:
    1st session- Intake session, time for us to meet, gather some information from you, sample/practice of what hypnosis is like, start of skill building, and determine appropriateness.

        2nd session- A more tailored hypnosis session based on information gathered from the intake session. Sometimes, intake can continue to this session.

       3rd session and beyond- Determined by the results of the first two sessions, needs of clients, and other variables.

Prices: $199 for the first session and $149 for following sessions.

If you have made it this far, you may have already committed yourself to taking the next steps at becoming one of the many that have benefited from hypnosis.

Availability: Monday through Friday

Contact for a Free Consultation and establish your specific time.

Anywhere you have internet access and a safe place to sit.

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Quit Smoking Hypnosis
Fear of Flying Hypnosis
Additional Hypnosis Services

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